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Posted by Let Down on October 31, 2003 at 10:57:44:

I've been an ITEA/TUBA member, but I'm becoming less than impressed with their web sight, that keeps telling me to come back next month!!!, and the Journal seems to have a hard making it to the mail on time.

So rather than bashing the ITEA, or the Journal. Which I think can be done quite easily on several levels.

I'm more interested in ways you think the ITEA could make things better.

I like journal, the web sight, and the information regarding our instrument, but the current situation has been going on way too long.

Personally I would be happier with ITEA if:

1. They Got the Journal out on time every month/ maybe spend less time on a cute cover, and color printing, just get it out reliably every month it comes out.

2. Got the Web sight up and working every month, when they say they will.

3. Tried harder to do what they say they will when they say they will do it.

4. Give us something, Students, pros, and amatures can use. For example: Interviews with pros. ( how did they get there, what are their plans, etc..) Networking with people in my area, and else where. Tuba building techniques and tweeks that can help your horn play better. Practice info for beginners, as well as older players. Etc etc etc.. I know they have done this in the past, but I guess I'm just disapointed right now.

5. Really how many high school students know of ITEA, How many middle school kids know? What about Advertising at tubachristmas, or maybe sending something out to members to deliver to local high schools, and middle schools

6. How many pros, amatures, and students has ITEA lost due to poor delivery, web page not happening, and in general not giving tuba, and euphonium players something they value?

It seems to me that maybe too many people involved with ITEA are also very busy Performing, Teaching, and having a family. All of which I think is important, but why not hire a full time web person? Why not hire a full time clinition (Some big name tuba, and Euph star) to go to each region once a year and do a show? Why not hire a full time journal editor/printer.

Or is there a problem with just getting enough interesting stuff to print, and talk about? I can't imagine this.

I know the answer is $$$$

To raise money you need members, to get members you advertise, to advertise you inlist the help of the local, regional, national, and international network.

I'm sure most regions could afford to print 500 copies of a membership enrollment advertising ITEA, and those regions could inlist they help of their members to spred the word. Middle schools, high schools, Colleges and universities, Community band and orchestras, and the pros in the area etc.

However due to the fact that ITEA has had some issues, and seems to still be having issues, ITEA has lost my money.

As a tuba or euphonium player what would you value in the journal, and the web sight?

And I guess the real question is how can we as an individual help this become something we are proud of we like to read, and feel like we are getting something out of?

I know the people involved with this currently are doing their best. And at least it's something. But what can those of use who care about this issue due?

I've tried I've been a member even when I didn't get a jounal, I've paid dues even when the web was coming next month, I've called and emailed. None of which seemed to help.

there are a lot of joksters on this list, and I'm sure they willhave plenty of silly ideas, but I really want to know am I the only on disappointed? And the bigger question how can ITEA become something.

Sorry to rant, I'm just less than pleased right now.

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