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Posted by writer on October 31, 2003 at 11:25:09:

In Reply to: ITEA posted by Let Down on October 31, 2003 at 10:57:44:

Having experience with writing, and having worked on a newsletter staff in the past, part of the problem with putting such a publication out on time is the people giving submissions. If the respective editors, layout people, and printers are given materials late, that has an effect on when the stuff goes to print. It's an endless cycle. These people are not superhuman.

As far as hiring people to do this full time, well, the people that are doing it are driving themselves nuts contributing (volunteering!) time on top of full time gigs to do these things... if they weren't willing to step up to bat, who would? You might be surprised as to how much some people give their lives to their careers. Not everyone focuses solely on family, all performing, all teaching etc. Many people make sacrifices... I sacifice the former entities to spend my time on the latter, and also to pursue my career, whether it be in music or not. My point being, it would be very difficult to find an individual qualified to take this kind of role in the organization if s/he did not participate in these other activities, i.e. teaching and performing.

This discussion has happened here many times (see archives.) Each time the individuals in charge make suggestions and encourage participation. Perhaps the lax attitudes of many members are causing some of the issues you mentioned... just a thought.

I don't disagree entirely with your stance, and am not trying to start an argument, I'm just giving my opinion in response to your concerns over these issues.

I am an ITEA member, but am not on the Board or anything, FYI. (This is a totally free, unbiased opinion.)

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