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Posted by Lauren Veronie on October 31, 2003 at 17:59:26:

In Reply to: ITEA posted by Let Down on October 31, 2003 at 10:57:44:

How effective the ITEA organization will be is determined by what goes on at the local level. Part of the purpose of ITEA is to provide tuba and euphonium players with ideas, forums, motivation, and a recognized name to work under. What you do with those opportunties is what makes it relevant. Its purpose is not to provide the answers to all your playing questions, entertain you with its savvy journals, or exist merely as a cutesy acronymn to recognizes that you blow into a big piece of metal for kicks. It is just like paying big bucks to have a lesson with a pro and then never practice a single thing they teach or assign. You are paying membership money for the resources that come with belonging to a community of people with your shared interests and goals. If nobody uses those resources and puts them into practice, then of course the organization will have nothing to offer you.

I'm currently the vice president of the North Texas chapter of ITEA. Back in the day the NT-ITEA chapter was very active and today with the help of Brian Bowman, Don Little and the tuba/euph studios here we are working to revive the organization and use it as a tool to do some good things in our area. I've been having trouble convincing poor college students why they should shell out $30 bucks for a few journals that will probably end up being used as coasters. They have a point.

It is so important that ITEA be used as a springboard for local groups, such as the NT chapter, to accomplish the goals that are outlined in its charter. It isn't the job of the executive ITEA board to reach out to each member... It is the job of those in a position to use ITEA resources effectively... like our group. Here are some of the things we are doing to make our members' $30 bucks count...

Guest Artists: We are sponsoring a tuba guest clinician to come on November 20th to do a masterclass and speak to the studios... Being a euphonium player I'm not that familiar with him, but his name SOUNDS like Blaadvick... I'm sure lots of you know who I'm referring to. More guests and clinicians to come later this year.

Commissions: Our first activity last year was a fundraiser to raise money for a tuba/euph quartet commission, which is currently in the works with a local composer.

Conferences/Large Activities: We are planning to hold the 2nd ever Euphonium Day this spring. Two years ago Steven Mead was our guest artist and there was an amazing turnout, despite the icy weather.

Recitals: We are planning a studio recital to be combined with social activities.. a fun chance to get to know each other and also provide some opportunities to perform.

There are so many other ideas floating around.... many things will be available to not only the university tuba and euphonium players, but to high school students and amateurs as well.

Regional conferences such as the one held at TCU this year are another example of how your $30 dollars a year can be worthwhile...

I'm not saying that every member of ITEA organize their own group and plan big events... I'm saying that those of us who are in a position to use the resources of ITEA and help share them with others SHOULD!!! Maybe if all that ITEA has to offer were being truly exploited then we wouldn't have frustrated members posting rants on the board about very real concerns.

As far as the ITEA website goes... yeah.. they really need to get on the ball on that one. It stinks.

Lauren Veronie

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