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Posted by Dennis AsKew on November 01, 2003 at 09:24:27:

In Reply to: ITEA posted by Let Down on October 31, 2003 at 10:57:44:

To all who have made comments regarding this thread--Thank You.

I know good and well that by posting here it will seem merely reactionary, and to some degree I guess it is.

One of the big problems in dealing with an organization like this is pretty much no one is paid to do anything. Getting the right people with the right qualifications and right passions in the correct jobs is pretty much a crap shoot. I think our current exec. committee is pretty good. Again, this group of folks has only been in place since July 1 of this year. Some are hold overs from previous Ex. Comm's, but many are new to their current "job". When agendas are specified for work, it's very difficult to put all those agendas out to the public until action has taken place. That said, here are the current prime agendas the current ex.comm. of ITEA is working on:
1.Website (new webmaster hired this past week.....)
2.Planning for ITEC 2004 and Regional conferences in 2005, as well as site possiblities for ITEC 2006 (which will be in the US--any one of you want to host? contact Tim Northcut at CCM--current conference coordinator)
3.Revamping of the inner workings of the TubaEuphonium Press--to include a graded list of the holdings.
4.Scanning of all issues of the journal to be available (eventually--this takes time!) on CD, with a fully searchable index.
5.Continued work on the Legacy series--the next person will most likely be Harvey Phillips. (we're looking at future years, too, and will probably have a "European Masters" legacy project before too long) (ideas? contacnt Skip Gray at UKY)
6.Continued emphasis on membership, focusing on Youth and Amateurs.(ideas/questions? contact Deanna Swoboda with the Dallas Brass)
7.History projects, including Carole Nowicke's oral history projects--these are still being developed--ideas/suggestions, contact Carole (she posts here frequently)

Those are our current prime areas of work. If you have other issues you would like to see addressed, expanded upon, etc. Please, please contact me or the current president, Mary Ann Craig.

I'll be happy to discuss any of this with anyone at pretty much any time.

all best,

Dennis AsKew,
President Elect, ITEA

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