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Posted by Mark on October 31, 2003 at 18:23:17:

In Reply to: Re: Re: ITEA posted by Joe on October 31, 2003 at 13:11:10:

If you feel that way, then remember to nominate an average Joe the next time there are elections. If the members of ITEA see things the way you do, then you will have what you are asking for. Simple enough. The elections are from the membership. I feel that everyone who was elected was done so because the membership wanted them to be in those positions. I, for one and I assume many, appreciate the time and effort they put into ITEA.

I do think too many people complain without either knowing what they are talking about or doing anything about it themselves. There is no one stopping anyone from calling or emailing an officer and talking about situations and finding out how you can make it better. This is not the AARP or the NRA that has paid staff and officers and is an organization of tuba and euphonium players run by tuba and euphonium players for tuba and euphonium players. This does include every individual. So there is simply no excuse in not doing something if you feel things can be done better. The least thing is to contact the officers and share with them your concerns. The best thing is use your own skills and resources to making it better. Certainly ranting on a BBS and hoping that others will join your rant is the wrong approach. Communication should begin with the people involved so that the current situation can be intelligently discussed...not assumed.

I think if we learned to better communicate our ideas and concerns and channel them in the right direction, a lot better things will come of it.

My $.02.


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