Should I buy a horn?

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Posted by Torn by Horns on January 28, 2001 at 21:56:49:

As a junior in high school, and the all-state orchestral tubist I have been considering buying a horn. That short introduction leads to my question, should I buy a CC tuba? If I would buy a horn it would definately be a CC and I am sure I will play in college. I am just not sure if it is worth it. I feel as though if I dont make a change soon I will be stuck playing my school's BBb (which isnt terrible at all), but I would be losing ground to the better players out there who have their own horn. Is that statement true at all? I'm not a virtuoso player, who can play the VW or the Gregson, but I can play Hartley suite for unaccomp. tuba and Lebedev Concerto in 1 movement. Being that type of player would it be worth it to buy a horn?
How important would buying a horn for myself be, if i wanted $$ to go to college or be a major?
Any and all opinions are welcome, I just hope this doesnt turn into a big horn debate over which brand or model to buy (if i choose to buy one i will try until it fits me).

P.S. I dont want to go half way, and buy a fairly crappy CC. If i am going to buy a horn I want it to be a good one, new or used.
Torn by horns

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