Re: Should I buy a horn?

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Posted by Gus Pratt on January 29, 2001 at 06:17:23:

In Reply to: Should I buy a horn? posted by Torn by Horns on January 28, 2001 at 21:56:49:

My advice to almost everyone that isn't sure whether they want to buy a horn is: If you do buy a horn definitely by a used horn. If you buy a horn and decide that you don't want to major in music in 2 years it is almost inevitable that you will need to sell the horn to pay for college, a car, rent or something. If you buy a brand new horn for $5000-6000, and you need to sell it you'll lose probably $1000-1500. If you buy a used horn for $3500-4500, in two years you'll still be able to sell if for the price you pay and possibly a little more. I've bought probably about 10-15 tubas or euphoniums over the years and there is only one time that I can recall that I didn't get within $100 of my original investment money back out, most times I made a few hundred bucks. However, if a person knows he's going to be a pro, or knows he wants to play the rest of his life, then buying new is fine.

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