What music degrees lack?

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Posted by Matt G on October 17, 2002 at 14:24:39:

The thread posted on the Calgary situation and Mr. Eastep's situation poses the same situation that seems to plague music majors. What do music degrees lack in terms of real world reality?
As I have posted before, schools need to teach all the tools needed to be a real world musician. My requirements, in my opinion, were what wa needed, but a bit tough in a 4 year program.
However, ALL music students, ed and performance, should take both Entreprenuership and Marketing classes. These are as vital to sustaining a professional career as anything else. We should all remember that we exist in a capatalistic society and that requires some amount of business sense to be successful. If colleges taught some basic tools up front to the liberal arts majors, then I think you would see more of them succeeding in the real world.
The business stuff would only require two one-semester classes which is not a tremendous amount of extra work. I would gladly have traded a couple of semesters of minor ensembles to get an up front sense of business. This would give musicians tools to work with, both inside and outside of their trade.

BTW, I am in the business world and working towards my MBA. I have a Music Ed. degree. I have benefitted greatly from my college experience in the real world. However, a couple of business classes would have really helped out.

What do you folks think?

Matt G

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