Tubas on auction site?

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Posted by Rick Bastedo on April 10, 2002 at 15:52:31:

Hi, I am looking for a Tuba but can't spend a lot of money. (big family, dot com business)

I see a lot of horns on sale at a popular auction site but can't believe the low prices.
In particular there are some New horns being offered by someone in Las Vegas, and I see a 4 rotory valve "C Tuba" that looks very nice.
Does anyone here know anything about these? Is this a C tuba or a CC Tuba?

A little history about myself, I am now 43 years old:
I played from about the time I was 10 years old up into college.
I left college and playing tuba behind at the age of 20.
I played many invitationals in High School, and must say these were
the highlight of my educational experience.
I won district contests and went to the state tuba contest my senior
year, however I had the flu and did not play my best, coming out about
7th in the state. I received a scholarship and went to college where
I had expected to study under a "famous" tubist. He had quit or been
fired just before classes started so instead a trumpet player took his
place. I chose that school based on the Tubist prof and felt they did
a bait & switch, but that water went under the bridge a long time ago.

Since then "real life" has taken over, I have been blessed with a large
family including 6 children and a wife who was my friend of 8 years
prior to marriage. Now I have a small web hosting and design company
called GygaBite, we weathered the 'dot com death' of the past year
and we are in a state of gradual growth.

Just this week I bought a clarinet and a flute at auction for my two oldest
daughters (12 & 13 years old) and I would like to start playing Tuba
again now. I feel this will enrich our family life, I have been wanting
to start playing again for a decade.

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