Leaving the board, sadly.

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Posted by Alan Herold on October 10, 2002 at 09:52:27:

With the ongoing feud between two regular "posters" and the vile treatment of the seller of the Boosey & Hawkes Euphonium, I have no choice but to not visit this site any more. Some people need to listen to their conscience a little more closely before posting... others need to develop a conscience period.

I'll miss the good natured banter, the debate, and the entertaining nature of many of the posts, but it seems as if the graffiti "artists" are taking over.

I feel bad for Sean. He has set up this site as a tool for us to use and a place for us to visit. It has turned out to be a playground for an ignorant few who want attention and would rather get it by being destructive than by bringing something positive to the community.

Bill Pritchard posted a note saying we need to be nicer on the board and to tone down the language. He was right. He was erased quicker than the Jason Alexander/George Costanza comments below. Hmmmmm. I doubt it was because of what he said, rather those ignorant few who reacted by doing what they do best...

Defacing and destroying a good thing.


Alan Herold

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