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Posted by Tim T. on June 29, 2002 at 09:47:03:

I've been playing tuba for about 6 years now and I'm good enough to play whats put in front of me, with rough edges at first of course. My problem is that I'm a transplanted trumpet player, all of my music I must transpose before I can play it. I cannot play in the key of bass clef C without taking a lot of time to think about it, it's kind of learning all over again. I'm 32 and I do not have the patience to start all over again. I run into this problems everywhere, I do not have this problem playing with Brass Bands or European bands because most of the music for tuba is written in G cleff Bb.
I'm shopping for a Tuba and a buddie had suggested that I look into CC, he says a CC would make life easier for me and give me a wider veriety of ensembles to join. Any info or advice is appreciate, heck I'd be happy to read about anyone in my situation and how they've dealt with it. I've played BBb and never a CC and this CC business is all new ground to me, will a CC realy help me?

Ps. My transposing skills have greatly improved with each American group I play with. However having to explain to the conductor that I need to transpose the music before I play it realy turns most of them off but for those who give me the chance it can be rewarding. This is all amature all the time of course in case you havn't figured it out. Thank Yoou

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