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Posted by Mary Ann on July 09, 2003 at 18:02:59:

I bought a Walt Johnson flight case (the medium size) for my 182 F in preparation for flying to Seattle on the 19th. Since I'm flying Southwest, which tends to be the least obnoxious airline out there, I'm not anticipating problems, but just in case....anything in particular that has gone wrong with SW Air and tuba flying? I didn't buy it a seat, and plan to put it through baggage with a smaller bag, one that I could carry on if I weren't also taking the violin. I'm assuming I wont' go over the weight limits, but then again I guess I better call and see what they are. The 182 is about the smallest tuba out there, just barely too big to go in the euphonium flight case, and I guess the case itself is not all that heavy. I'll have to get it on the scale when it arrives.

Also, Should I stuff the case in any particular way? I did buy a cheap volleyball and am going to see if I can inflate it to the amount that would protect the bell, but beyond that, if the tuba doesn't rattle in the case, am I ok? This is a pretty expensive experiment, costing more than buying it a seat, but assuming that I will use the case more than once or can sell it.


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