an open letter to the tuba exchange

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Posted by tuba player and collector on May 16, 1999 at 09:15:45:


I have corresponded with George Blahun Jr. about the swap you have arranged with his Dad
for this great old horn (see the link below.)

f.w.i.w...I let them know the relative value of a "St Pete" versus this Heinl, and I am appalled that you'd propose such a swap. You ought to be ashamed, taking advantage
of a 78 year old man who is too weak to haul his old horn around...especially one who is completely unfamiliar with current instrument availabilities and values.

It's my hope you at least give him a "superior" St. Pete (if there IS such a thing) with nickel or silver plating, the better valves, the better "machine" paddles, a GOOD hard case, and a GOOD gig bag, like a Dolly or even a reunion blues custom fit. You will still be getting the better end of the deal BY FAR, and who knows, thinking twice before you scam some gentleman in the future might help you sleep better at night, unless of
course you decide to go ahead and screw them anyways!

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