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Posted by Randy Mac Iver on March 29, 2001 at 22:05:14:

In Reply to: Flexibility within the MIlitary Groups posted by Dustin Moburg on March 28, 2001 at 12:24:38:

Are you looking to audition for a military band field position? I do not know what the drill is now but when I auditioned for the Marine Band field back in 1979 and 1980 I was to go in under the MOS Guarantee program. In 79 I auditioned on sax and in 80 on Tuba. After graduation from High School and my last Jr Corps tour over the summer I went to boot camp on my Moms Birthday September 18th 1980.After boot I came home for Christmas and then went to Ths Naval SOM in Norfolk Va in January 81. While at school I was a Tuba Major and String bass minor and also took part in the D&B side of the Marine element on Dare I say it "a Contra Bass Bugle". After Graduation from the SOM I shipped of to Camp LeJeune and Checked in to HQ 2nd Mar Div just in time to go to the rifle range and then field training. Once the required military training was done I went back to Main side and resumed my new duties as a Tuba / String Bass player in the Band. Most of the time I played Sousaphone for Morning colors and parades and other Military oriented gigs. I played Tuba in quintet and Brass Choir for other jobs and played bass and Bari sax in stage band and Bass in Rock Band. The Band needed to be as flexible as possible so far as instrumentation goes. This is totally dependent on where the band is and how many people are in the group. the numbers go up and down and the personnel do not always have to be school trained either. This does not mean that some lesser quality players will get in just great players that got in from a different route than the usual. On a 72 hour pass I drove to DC with a friend and auditioned for the Commandants own. I made it as a Contra player and got orders to DC. I checked in to DC in December of 82 and I ended up playing Bass Baritone for the first 9 months in the Drum Corps. I switched to Contra at the end of 83 and stayed till 86 when I left active duty to go into active reserve duty as a Launch and recovory specialist at Willow Grove Naval Air Station in Pa. This line through the service is not untypical. If you have more questions let me know and I hope this helped.

Randy, "Col. Crawford Called Me Sgt. Mac Marine" Mac Iver

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