Mouthpiece for an Eefer

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Posted by Anthony Labelle on March 27, 2001 at 18:48:54:

I was hoping I could get some input on mouthpieces from the BBS.

I have a gold Schilke 66 Mouthpiece that I like A LOT. Deep cup, sharp and narrow rim, works better for me than any other mouthpiece I've ever used. (Literally increases my PRACTICAL range by about a 3rd or a 4th, when I play it, it makes me feel like I'm a much better tubist than I actually am). I use this mouthpiece on my CC horn, but the shank is so fat that it barely fits(sticks out a good inch, nearly). My two questions are:

1) is there a similar mouthpiece with a smaller shank? Does Shilke make the same mouthpiece, with a smaller(narrower) shank? Writing that made me think of another question... how much could the shank be affecting my playing characteristics? This mouthpiece, as it is, seems absolutely perfect for me... would getting a narrower shanked mouthpiece have an effect(negative) on the overall characteristics?

B) (my MAIN question) I haven't tried it on my Eb tuba(it won't even fit into the receiver), but is there a similar mouthpiece that anyone could recommend? Possibly with a smaller cup depth, but I REALLY like the cup diameter, and the sharpness of the rim.

You salesmen, don't be afraid to email me with the price, and an order form attatched ;)


(btw, got the new brasswind catalog t'day, has a picture in it of the Rudy Piston... niiiiice looking horn)

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