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Posted by Joe S. on June 20, 1999 at 10:43:32:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Tubas for around $2000? posted by Jim on June 20, 1999 at 09:23:39:

OK, my nicely-fixed-up Miraphone for $2600 is a sucky deal. Fine. So instead, howze about if someone offers the guy (at the top of this string of posts) a BRAND NEW D.E.G. Shaffer (Taiwan) 3-valve BBb with a new hard case with wheels. Dealer cost + shipping = $2000, RIGHT AT HIS TARGET PRICE !!!! ;^/

ie., How am I abusing someone by offering a nice, fixed up 4-rotor Miraphone 186 for $2600 (with a case) when a (admittedly NEW AND SHINY) "dinkaphone" is only about $500 less?

...or did I misinterpret your implications? (I don't think so, and I didn't notice YOU posting YOUR e-mail address, Mr. Brave-o.)

Always "lettin' it all hang out",

Joe S.

P.S. As I said several weeks ago, I think, as tuba players, we are LUCKY AS H--L that ANYONE is willing to fool around with making professional tubas, and that others are willing to fool around with selling them. There really isn't much money in it, say compared to sitting at a desk an being a good investment banker, etc, etc. Just about everyone who IS in the industry is there because they LIKE it. The former importer/distributor of V.M.I. and Meinl Weston in the U.S. dumped all of it several years ago in favor of concentrating on his flute lines. He told me that he was tired of carrying a bunch of tubas to shows, having a bunch of "little boys" dent them all up ($$$$ !!!) and then walk away, and very few tuba players being willing to invest in a really fine instrument (as far more flute players, for example, are willing to do.) He is making MUCH more $$$$$$$ concentrating on his flutes. Slander all of those in the pro tuba and sales industry, whether deservedly or not, and "POOF", they will all go away.

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