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Posted by Jim on June 20, 1999 at 09:23:39:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Tubas for around $2000? posted by shame on you joe on June 19, 1999 at 23:45:07:

Speaking of Jaws in the previous post!! Swimmers beware!!!

Warning to all you nubile, unknowing waders of this BBS pool...sharks are everywhere and come in many guises! From the ever-smiling, fast-talking salesperson of a Mega Blowout Everything-Must-Go Tuba Superstore wanting to know "what model can we put you in TODAY", to the respected BBS regular wrapping the internet anonymity blanket around his huddling, salivating figure, these guys are out to "SELL YOU A TUBA" at whatever cost you're willing to walk blindly into. Super slueth work, "shame on you"!

It's no wonder this BBS gets so many "broken record" questions such as "what do you think of this horn?" or "how much would you pay for this horn?". I think if we understood where they stand we might not be so quick to jump on them like Jay a few posts up.

Unfortunately, when some of us go about to sell our horns we are no better than a greasy-haired, polyester-wearing, pinkie ring sporting used car salesman. We're out to turn a buck on an unsuspecting young (or more appropriately, unknowing) player who may not have the skill or experience to tell a decent horn from an excellent one (or even a poor one from a decent one). Didn't a recent poster a few weeks ago share his dislike for his horn and contemplated "dumping it off to an unknowing kid"? THAT person should have been crucified on the spot, yet we pounce on an author posting another request for opinions on a St. Pete or a Kalison.

Just like a non-cigar smoker tasting no difference between a Swisher Sweet and an Aurturo Fuente or a non-wine expert not being able to pick up on all the subtle notes of a fine merlot, some of these tuba buyers simply can't tell the difference. These purchasers are starving for the advice of the house experts, so maybe we should all be a little more patient as well as informative and honest, BASED ON OUR EXPERIENCES. Jay is right when he suggests we have a more knowledgeable and experienced player try the horn we're thinking about purchasing, but ever stop to think that maybe some of these people don't live in a cultural hub chock full of fine players? Or maybe they live near a fine player who won't give them the time of day when they ask "is $1500 for a used 3-valve King a good deal"? Or even worse, he may be the kind of person that will recommend the horn HE'S selling for bundles more than what he paid for it a few weeks earlier. A common business practice, yes. An ethical one, no.

Here's hoping we all drop the urge to turn a quick buck, that we sell our horns for what they're worth and take care of our fellow artists.

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