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Posted by Joe S. on June 20, 1999 at 14:35:32:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Tubas for around $2000? posted by Jim on June 20, 1999 at 12:26:27:

So far, Mr. Tom Abbs up there hasn't sent me a nickel, and I have no "gun". Further, I laid it all right out in the open for you and whomever else (including one guy, maybe brave-o "shame on you" using a different "nom de plume" and with MY e-mail address, that Mr. Chisham apparently deleted) to say whatever you wanted to say about it. If Mr. Abbs wants a new Miraphone, most are asking in the UPPER $3XXX range to get one, the best that I can tell, and that is for the "S" version with no case. (psssst...He was looking for a tuba closer to $2000.)

In my experience, it is hard to find a decent "straight" 186 used with original intact lacquer, QUIET non-worn rotors, and NO refinishing/creases-on-top-of-creases/patches, etc. for much less than the mid-$2XXX range, and mine includes a decent, usable case. I have stayed in business for twenty years via referrals and no advertising by NOT misrepresenting stuff that I sell, and often, I tell buyers EXACTLY what my profit margin is, so that they will stop wasting my time and theirs trying to negotiate. That is why I really don't give a ---- that anyone knows where I picked this instrument up, nor what I paid for it prior to repairs. (Maybe the "shame on you" guy up there is mad at me because I outbid him. [?]) I can afford to hang on to my 186 if I have to. The only reason that I have actively countered negative posts is because they are apparent attacks at my integrity, and without ever having done any business with me. My business practices can stand up to anyone's scrutiny. If YOU, "Mr. Meinl", <<(Thanks for the generous self-introduction. Now, I really feel like I know everything about you.) come up with any other 186's that are as fixable as the one that I bought for about $1900 plus freight, let me know, unless it would be your intention to "rob" me.

There are those on the BBS who find me very annoying, and others who defend me very strongly. This is, IMHO, because I say what I think and think what I say, and because they know who I am. Ask "HoltonYork" if he thinks that he got his money's worth. I sold him a tuba for $8XXX that I acquired originally in un-repaired and un-enhanced condition for $175. Boy! I guess I "ripped him off", too! "HoltonYork", if you're out there, would you like a refund?

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