Calling all High Exposure Tubists!

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Posted by Enquiring Minds... on January 29, 2001 at 13:17:12:

OK. Let's have it...

Any of you high exposure tubists/repairmen out there (i.e. those from a recent conference or repairmen who've seen a lot of horns lately) have any skinny on the latest wave of production line horns who might care to share what instruments have impressed you (or not impressed you) lately (new rudies, conns, redesigned pt4s, you get the picture)? Some of us wish we had the means (or wish we could prioritize a bit better!) to get to some of these conferences or high traffic shops to try out some of these horns but am wondering if anyone might care to share their recent experiences.

I'm not too interested in hearing about the latest M. Walters/Joe S. incarnations per se, although I respect their work. I'm mainly interested in hearing about your recent experiences with production line horns you have come into contact with.

All replies welcome regardless of key or size of horn!


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