Re: Calling all High Exposure Tubists!

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Posted by Joe -don't look at me- S. on January 30, 2001 at 00:59:34:

In Reply to: Calling all High Exposure Tubists! posted by Enquiring Minds... on January 29, 2001 at 13:17:12:

I don't "incarnate" tubas in order to sell them, and I certainly don't carry my tubas long distances in order to "show" them. ('would be kinda dumb, since they're not for sale) The one or two old tubas of "mine" that have been fairly recently sold (locally by me, actually) have received far too much publicity.

Funny, the tubas at Dillons (and Matt had d--n near everything in stock "new" that is ever mentioned on this bbs) that I really found to be remarkable (or at least interesting) were instruments that Matt put together himself...particularly a 4/4-ish Conn bell / ?? branches / custom [BRAND NEW valveset] U.M.I. 4-valve (!!!) SHORT-ACTION tuba that he was offering for $11K. That one is a "honey"...

OK, OK... ONE "semi"-production tuba: The "millenium" MW2155. FINALLY, a DECENT 2155 (quite a bit better than "decent", actually). I had a REALLY bad cold and was totally exhausted when I visited Matt (I'm sure that I sort of appeared zombiesque in his shop.), but from what I could tell the Millenium 2155 is not only less expensive than a HB21 (the "Millenium" 2155 being another $11K instrument, as I remember), but a bit BETTER (me having owned a HB21) than a HB21.

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