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Posted by Sage One on January 24, 2000 at 10:00:02:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Anyone go to or know about ucf?? posted by That's foolish on January 24, 2000 at 08:47:54:

First, if I came off as high-handed in any way, let me apologize. I certainly had no such intention. I only meant to encourage him to be an adult, not to slam him or you..

I think you misunderstood the original post. PedalBb strongly implies that he's doing this as a hobby, not as his major. If that is the case, why should I have to supply him a tuba with my tax money? It's been pointed out here again and again, people who play certain other instruments have to pay MUCH more for their instruments than we have to pay for ours. So why shouldn't he join the grown-up world and PAY HIS OWN WAY. As for getting him EDUCATED, i.e. capable of being a capable and contributing member of society, I am more than happy to support this with my taxes, as this will in the long run allow him to carry some of the load. But hobbies.... Who will buy a tuba and rent it to ME at a greatly reduced rate? Volunteers? So by virtue of being enrolled in a university, is PedalBb entitled to such a deal? Pardon a fellow 20 years older than you for saying, "GROW UP!!" (cap-shouting intentional). This country has too many people expecting things to just be given to them just because they want them. He needs to grow up and pay for his own hobby. If that hobby is REALLY important, he can take a semester off to earn money, and have $6-7000 to spend.

As to whether you CAN work more than 12 hours a week, I don't know you, and maybe there's some reason you can't. But it was never my intention to claim that I'm anything special. On the contrary, I think I'm about as average as they get. I was just forced into a situation that allowed me, by dumb luck, to learn what can be done when you are completely committed to a goal. Ultimately, there is always time for the things that are most important. Do you watch TV? Get rid of it. Do you date? I loved dating, but it can be delayed if other things are more important. You could always reduce the number of hours you're taking per semester. So you graduate a year later (and get an extra year to study with a great player and play in ensembles at school).

Bottom line remains the same: if this is a hobby, he should buy his own horn. If that means he has to make some sacrifices, he will be the better for it.

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