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Posted by Joe Baker on January 25, 2000 at 14:11:11:

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For anyone who doesn't remember, Alex is referring to a post where I mentioned being payed $50 a week for playing in the concert band back at my Jr. College in 1980-81. They asked if I was interested in playing in the group, and I said no. They begged me. I said no. I needed my afternoons off TO WORK. Desperate for a euph player, they HIRED me to perform a SERVICE. They frequently filled holes in bands with paid players, in order to give their students the necessary educational ensemble experience. I've had harder work in my life, with lower pay, but I did NOT do it for fun. Frankly, that concert band ... well, I won't go there. Let's just say I did not do it for fun.

I have gone back and read all of my posts. I cannot for the life of me understand where you guys get the notion that I'm 'irate' or 'oversensitive'. I am a capitalist. I happen to have strong beliefs that people should work for what they want and own what they work for. You disagree? Okay. I won't call you names. Can't you afford me the same courtesy?

For your convenience, I've generated a list of crimes against humanity. You can just select from the list those with which you would like to accuse me:
1. Mass murder
2. Starving the children
3. Not 'playing ball'
4. Badthinking
5. Cat juggling
6. Bad breath
7. Counting measures out loud
8. Consorting with bagpipe players
9. Owning about 400 records/tapes/CDs, not ONE of which features a tuba soloist.
10. Changing my major from music to (prepare to gasp) Computer Science (ok, now).
11. (Protect your children's eyes, this one is really bad) Thinking that a person is best off if he WORKS FOR WHAT HE WANTS (oh, the shame....)

I gotta ask. Suppose a guy goes to the local symphony hall and says, "I want to pay tuba for you." "Are you any good?" the manager asks. "No, not really. But because [insert valid and sad explanation here], I don't have time to practice." "Wow, that's too bad. So unfair. Tell you what, we'll just get rid of the current player, whose situation in life allowed him to spend years preparing. It's not fair that you didn't have the opportunity. After all, music is for everyone, not just those lucky enough to be blessed with talent and a life situation that allows them to prepare." Sometimes, things just aren't fair. (dare I say it once more?) We just have to be grown up enough to accept that.

To Sean,
I'm really sorry this whole thing played out on your BBS. I didn't think I was starting a feud, but I didn't realise how spiteful some people here could get if someone disagrees with them. I've enjoyed your BBS a great deal for a couple of years now, but I guess I've just been'd. So, I'll just take my tar and feathers and clear out. I'll check back in a few months and see if the attitude has changed any. Til then, God Bless!

Anyone who wants to continue to converse one-on-one, write me. I'd love to hear from you, whether you agree with all of my opinions or not. TTFN

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