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Posted by ... on May 01, 2002 at 16:13:15:

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Again, you show that you do NOT know what is really going on out there!

When I attack a bad situation, you attack my playing. Deflection is a good tactic. You just need to learn to use it better (try not to be so transparent about it).


Nearly three years ago I told the personnel manager to never, ever call me again. This eas because he had the nerve to give me a hard time about choosing my own gig over some ASO services.

The ASO was in a bind due to a particular player having to bail on them at the last minute. I was called two nights prior to the first service of a series that would have required my staying in B'ham for nearly a week.

That particular week I had a LOT of work here in my town. The personnel manager tried to persuade me to sub out all of that work (at the last minute) by telling me that "we really need you." Additionally, I was quite sick and was on a lot of antibiotics (I had a bad lung infection at the time). I said that I was barely able to do my job here and that I had no business living in a hotel or doing a ton of driving at that time. (I really had no business doing my own gig either, but I was no longer contagious and my normal sub would have been unavailable in any case; so I did my job.)

Rather than letting it drop, the Personnel Manager chose to get testy with me. So I told him that if he was going deal with me in that manner that I would ALWAYS be busy whin he called, to not bother to call anymore, and to please remove my home number from his list. This really pissed him off. So I humg up on him...I had a really nice fever going, despite the meds, and I j]had just had enough of him and his games.

Years later I am finding out that, rather than just removing me from his call list, he has gone around saying all kinds of stuff about me. He is a real pro. I guess that I should have followed up his call to me with a letter to his boss and his board; oh and learn.

My life has been just fine without the ASO. I play constantly. I make decent money from my gig. And I have never dreamed of saying anything about this person. Would that he had been of a like mind.

I am friends with the player in question that was canned. He called me to tell me his side of this ridiculous situation. Knowing how that group chooses to "govern" itself, I tend to believe what I heard. I did about 35% of the work there for three seasons.

And I did not attack YOUR playing. So what is your problem with me? I am not attacking anyone's playing. I am trying to alert the tuba community about a fishy audition.

Give me a call, and we can meet somewhere and talk face to face if you like. I do not find it amusing to have my playing called into question by one such as yourself. I only deigned your remarks here worthy of comment to show you that you do not speak from a position privy to all of the information.

If you want to play Character Assassin with me, well, this BBS can be your own powerful tool. You can do nothing to hurt me in any real way. I do not like it, but your opinion of me matters not.

Just do NOT try to gloss over an audition that will place the winner in a less-than-clear situation.

Your attacking of me just looks like you are trying to change the subject at hand; to, as I said, "gloss it over."

Since we both seem to know who the other person is, go ahead and give me a call. But do not try to hide this situation from potential auditionees. It is real.

Like I said, call me. I would be more than happy to set up a face-to-face meeting with you.

See you soon?

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