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Altieri Instrument Bags
    Are you looking for information on Altieri products? Welcome to the new Altieri Instrument Bags Homepage. You can now look up your instrument and read about the bag that covers it. Using our extensive product information list, you can lookup every item available by Altieri.
Baltimore Brass Company
    David Fedderly, principal tubist with the Baltimore Symphony, sells tubas and euphoniums in his "spare" time. This is the place to go for the Getzen G-50, Meinl Weston, or maybe even a good deal on a used horn.
Bernel Music
    Welcome to Bernel Music. Being a full service brass retail dealer, we carry music, recordings, instruments, accessories, publications, and are a publisher of music. Our prices are very competitive and hard to beat!
Boosey & Hawkes
    Boosey & Hawkes is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of high quality musical instruments and accessories and a major international publisher of serious music representing many of the world's best known composers.
Brass Bow
    The Brass Bow Music Company owned and operated by Wayne Tanabe was established in 1983 to serve musicians of all levels, from novice to professional. Located in the northwest Chicago suburb of Arlington Hts, Illinois, The Brass Bow is noted throughout the country for its knowledgeable and experienced craftsmen who provide dependable and honest technical service in a prompt and timely manner.
    The Woodwind & the Brasswind began life in 1978, in the back of a barbershop, as The Woodwind, a specialty shop for woodwinds only. Our founding philosophy was to offer musicians a wider variety of in stock and available-to-try products than had ever before been assembled in one place, and to make them available through the mail at greatly discounted prices. Constant expansion has led to the addition of divisions covering nearly every type of musical instrument that exists.
BVD Press
    BVD Press is a sheet music and music engraving company based in Ledyard, CT. Founded in May of 2000, BVD Press has steadily added high quality pieces to its catalog. In addition to BVD Press pieces, we have also added brass publications from many other publishers.
Custom Music
    Custom Music Company strives to offer the best in low brass musical instruments to professional musicians around the world. Our professional consultants include some of the most highly respected musicians in the low brass field. We constantly work to improve the quality of our instruments to insure reliable intonation and beautiful tone production.
Dillon Music
    We have one of the largest selections of new and used brass instruments in the United States so don't hesitate to ask us about that special horn. Or perhaps your needs transcend basic instrumental equipment and enter the peripheral sphere. Yes, we have accessories.
Dolly Bags
    DollyBags are designed and built to protect valuable musical instruments from the rigorous traveling and hard use of the professional musician. Each bag is constructed of durable fine leather or Cordura, extra thick high-density foam padding and the strongest zippers, snaps and straps available. Flexible stiffeners are added for "hard case protection" with the convenience and comfort of a soft case.
eBay tuba and euphonium auctions
    Ebay is an online auction house. You can both post items for sale and place bids.
GW Mouthpieces
    Our mission is to make mouthpieces of the highest quality. Our mouthpieces produce incredible sound at an affordable price that everybody can benefit from.
Hirsbrunner Instruments
    We manufacture musical instruments for musicians throughout the world in our factory in Sumiswald, Switzerland with great care and in accordance with our many years of know-how.
    Hirsbrunner musical instruments are well known and in great demand, even beyond the borders of the Country. Famous musicians come and go in our factory in order to ensure purchasing a musical instrument manufactured to their requirements.
The Laskey Company
    You know how you want to sound, you can hear it in your head. The problem is getting a mouthpiece that works with you. For over 20 years, musicians from around the world came to me for custom mouthpieces. They came because they could not find a mouthpiece that allowed them to produce the sound and had the feel they were after. Sometimes I would make a simple modification to their existing mouthpiece. Other times, it was necessary to make a new mouthpiece. Even though they described their needs in different ways, I began to see common elements. It made sense to make these designs part of a line of mouthpieces available to everyone.
Meinl Weston
    Since 7 generations, the Meinl-Langhammer family devoted their work to gain the best manufacturing experience, meticulous workmanship, continuous research and development as well as personal dedication to quality.
    After World War II many people were expelled from their home countries. 13 instrument builders from Graslitz, in the Sudetenland of Northern Czechoslovakia, found themselves in Waldkraiburg. Possessing little but their experience and a few tools they banded together to start doing instrument repairs. This being an unsatisfying task for instrument makers, they soon decided to build new instruments and in 1948 the now world famous brand name MIRAPHONE first appeared on the market.
Osmun Music
    Osmun Music is a business run by musicians for musicians. We sell top-quality professional brasswind instruments from the world's top makers as well as a full range of accessories, including many special items virtually impossible to find elsewhere.
Reunion Blues Gig Bags
    For over 25 years Reunion Blues has dedicated our skills and talents to preserving musical instruments by creating the ultimate gig bag. We start with the best design, add quality materials, and use skilled craftspeople to produce a product worthy of musicians' admiration. Reunion Blues original designs are recognized and trusted around the world for their instrument protection, player convenience, and exquisite appearance. The materials used in Reunion Blues bags are selected for durability and function. Serious musicians know that the world's best gig bag is a Reunion Blues bag.
Robert King Music
    Robert D. King began operating the Robert King Music Company in 1940, located in Wakefield, MA, USA. In 1946, the operation was moved to North Easton, MA. In 1981 the retail portion of the company was sold to Mr. King's daughter Nancy whereupon ROBERT KING MUSIC SALES, INC. was established.
Summit Records
    Summit Records a classical, jazz and educational record label, was incorporated in the State of Arizona in 1990. This label has earned an enviable reputation in the recording industry.
Tap Music Sales
    Hard to find recordings and music for the discerning brass musician.
Tuba Exchange
    The Tuba Exchange is a unique clearinghouse for new and used tubas, euphoniums and sousaphones. We invite you to come to our store in Durham, North Carolina or see us at a music convention or university near you.
Tubists Universal Brotherhood Association
    This is the official Home Page of TUBA. This site is designed for members of TUBA. If you are not a member, please join today.
Walt Johnson Cases
    After several years of extensive research, proven test results show that the very best material of which a case can be manufactured is.. FIBERGLASS. Because of its shock-absorbing, lightweight, and extremely durable properties, our cases are made of hand-laminated fiberglass using the very best hybrid reinforcements. These high-quality cases ensure maximum protection. Now you can safely transport your valuable instrument around town or check it when you fly. The plush, custom hand-crafted interiors and the high quality hardware will insure protection and a perfect fit for your valuable instrument.
    Brass and woodwind instruments made by the Vogtlandische Musikinstrumentenfabrik GmbH are preferred and recommended by leading professional musicians worldwide. This is due to their excellent acoustical properties, ease of performance, flawless mechanical quality and impeccable beauty, all results of decades of manufacturing experience, meticulous workmanship, continous research and development and personal dedication to quality of each and every person involved in the design and manufacturing process.
William Bell Chapter of TUBA
    The William Bell Chapter of the Tubists' Universal Brotherhood Association is composed of tuba and euphonium players from the Indiana University School of Music. The Chapter is the oldest local chapter of T.U.B.A, established by Distinguished Professor Harvey G. Phillips in memory of the late William J. Bell.
Willson Band Instruments
    Willson instruments are worldwide know as top quality products State-of-the-art technical facilities will combined with skilled craftsmanship to guarantee highest standards of quality. Willson instruments are no mass-production items. Famous performers will trust in Willson.
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