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Chicago Symphony
    The Chicago Symphony Orchestra in its second century enjoys an enviable position in the music world. Performances are greeted with enthusiasm both at home and abroad. Best-selling recordings continue to win prestigious international awards, and syndicated radio broadcasts are heard by millions nationwide.
New York Philharmonic
    On March 15, 1996 the New York Philharmonic performed its 12,500th concert-a milestone unmatched by any other orchestra in the world. By far the oldest orchestra in America, the Philharmonic celebrated its 150th anniversary during the 1992-93 season. Under the influence of its celebrated music directors-including Damrosch, Thomas, Mahler, Furtwängler, Toscanini, Walter, Bernstein, Boulez, Mehta and Masur - the Philharmonic has played a leading role in American musical life and has maintained a tradition of musical excellence since its founding in 1842.
San Francisco Symphony
    "Making music is one of our basic needs. It is as necessary as food or drink or breath. Making music passionate is what matters to me most. And with this orchestra the possibilities are limitless. The San Francisco Symphony and I hope you'll be with us as we embrace the ultimate musical challenge on our journey to the year 2000."
    - Michael Tilson Thomas
St. Louis Symphony
    Welcome to the official World Wide Web site of the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra. The Saint Louis Symphony was founded in 1880 and is the second oldest symphony orchestra in the United States. We present the best in Orchestral, Pops, Chamber, and Special Event concerts.
Summit Brass
    Summit Brass is celebrating its Twelfth Anniversary. It is the first and only truly American brass ensemble to represent the United States. Touring in America and throughout the world, the ensemble consists of some of the nation's leading trumpet, horn, trombone and tuba soloists and chamber and orchestral musicians. They have recorded numbers albums, been the feature of many television and radio programs, and commissioned many works for brass.
    This new 20-piece ensemble was first organized in 1995 by renowned tuba artists and pedagogues R. Winston Morris of Tennessee Tech University and Scott Watson of The University of Kansas. Morris and Watson bring together some of America's most legendary performers of the tuba and euphonium for the first time. Dedicated to proving that these frequently underestimated instruments are as beautiful as any others, Symphonia produces the most resonant and gorgeous of textures.
Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble
    Tennessee Tech is home to the Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble; going into its thirty-sixth year under the direction of R. Winston Morris. Tennessee Tech I.T.E.A. also manufactures tuba & euphonium mutes at unbeatable prices. Order forms for Tennessee Tech Tuba Mutes, and also our latest CD recordings, can be obtained from this website.
U.S. Air Force Band
    The USAF Band and its components, Airmen of Note, Ceremonial Brass, Chamber Players, Concert Band, High Flight, Silver Wings, Singing Sergeants, and Strolling Strings, have performed worldwide to more than 90 million people of every race, color, creed, walk of life and ideology; additional millions have heard them through numerous radio and television appearances.
U.S. Army Band
    Impressed by European military bands during World War I, General of the Armies John J. Pershing imagined an Army Band equally as impressive as those great military musical units. In January 1922, Pershing sent a note to Captain Parry W. Lewis, ordering him to "Organize and equip The Army Band." The Army Band today is the official band for many diplomatic and state functions in the nation's capital.
U.S. Army Field Band
    From Boston to Bombay, Tokyo to Toronto, the United States Army Field Band has been thrilling audiences of all ages. As the premier touring musical representative for the United States Army, this internationally acclaimed organization travels thousands of miles each year to present a variety of music to enthusiastic audiences in every state of the nation and around the world.
U.S. Coast Guard Band
    Since its formation in 1925, the Coast Guard Band has developed an international reputation as one of the finest professional concert bands in the world, offering music of great variety and appeal. The band produces recordings and regularly furnishes programs to National Public Radio for broadcast over the entire country. Concerts have also been broadcast in Australia, Japan and Europe.
U.S. Marine Band
    Since 1798, the Marine Band's primary mission has remained to provide music for the President of the United States and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. As the only musical organization with that mission, the Marine Band looks to the future, viewing its history and traditions as foundations on which to build into its third century of bringing music to the White House and to America.
U.S. Military Academy Band
    ...committed to being the standard-bearers of musical excellence, instilling the best of national traditions, values, spirit and patriotism in our country's future leaders, the West Point community and the American public.
U.S. Naval Academy Band
    Formed in November 1852, the Naval Academy Band has established a reputation for outstanding musical support to the Brigade of Midshipmen. The current version of the band is a far cry from the 13 men who reported to Annapolis over 140 years ago. Today, because of the unmatched versatility of its members, the band is able to blend tradition and change into a wide of variety of musical styles.
U.S. Navy Band
    Navy Bureau of Personnel Instruction 5450.38, states the mission of Navy Band Washington, DC is "to provide music for such ceremonies, functions and other occasions as may be directed by proper authority in order to best represent the Navy in a musical capacity by stimulating retention and recruiting, promoting community relations, and enhancing the prestige of the Naval service."
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