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Portrait of an Artist / Arnold Jacobs
A collection of recorded sounds from history's greatest wind music pedagogue, Arnold Jacobs. No other recording is more important to own for the brass musician than this one. A truly amazing collection.
The Glorious Sound of Brass
Renaissance and baroque music recorded by members of the Philidelphia Orchestra. Abe Torchinsky sounds fantastic on this recording. I bought this one after I bought the Antiphonal Brass cd because I wanted an opportunity to hear even more of his great sound.
Tuba! A Six-Tuba Musical Romp
This is a fun cd which helps to distract one from the all serious excerpt excerpt excerpt mode. Meltdown is my favorite track.
Bobissimo! The Best of Roger Bobo
This is cd has some of the very first tuba recordings I ever heard. Introduction and Dance was my favorite when I was younger. I must have listened to that LP a thousand times. This was the first time I, and many others, had ever heard art from a tubist.
Daniel in the Lion's Den
Daniel Perantoni sets the standard for the Plog 3 Miniatures on this cd. Also has the Penderecki, Rachmaninov Vocalise, and others. Perantoni is as solid as a rock.
Tuba Tracks
Gene Pokorny's solo cd gives you an idea of the size of his sound. Every track is bold and full of ideas. I can't remember when I purchased this one. Seems like I have had it forever.
Pat Sheridan's solo debut album. Mr entertainment himself plays some didies which will make you weep with emotion and sheer terror over his abilities. He is currently the hottest ticket in the tuba world. This is the only man I have ever seen who could match Steven Mead on stage!!!
Joan Lippincott & Philadelphia Brass
Not currently in my library, but it may be my next purchase. Looks promising.
Hindemith: Chamber Music
Hmmm, lets see. Christian Lindberg playing the Trombone Sonate and Michael Lind playing the Tuba Sonate. Will I buy this .... Heck ya!!!!!
The Virtuoso Tuba
Michael Lind is my very favorite soloist of the tuba on this planet. This may be his very best recordings. I love this cd. If you don't own it, then you are truly missing something special.
Marcel Tabuteau was principal oboist of of the Philidelphia Orchestra for many years and tought at the Curtis Institute. He has methods of teaching phrasing which are truly astonishing. When I first listened to this cd of his teachings I immediatelly had a better grasp of how to interpret and bring to life phrases. This CD is a real find.
Carolina Morning
A college classmate of mine, Kelly O'Bryant, and Dennis Askew teamed up to record. Among the tracks are many laid back gentle melodies which can be enjoyed by anyone. The real standout though is Duh Suite by Jim Self. This is a jazzy tuba duet with a bit of percussion thrown in for good measure.
Play Really Bad Original Country Tunes
Play That Country Tuba, Cowboy is featured along with several other tunes on this Vandals recording. Stop downloading the pirated version and support the artists!
Glenn Gould Edition- Hindemith: Sonatas for Brass & Piano
Glenn Gould's interpretations of the Hindemith sonates are unique. The performers were members of the Philadelphia Orchestra at the time. Abe Torchinsky's performance of the tuba sonate is pleasurable to listen to and different then most performances I have heard. The tempos are sometimes slower than the norm, but this was due in a large part to Gould's ideas. Of course, the piano playing is spotless and typical Gould.
The Antiphonal Music of Gabrieli
One of the greatest recordings ever made of brass. The tubas are Ronald Bishop, Abe Torchinsky, and Arnold Jacobs. Need I say more.
The Romantic Tuba
Floyd Cooley plays some seriously tasty tuba. This recording makes a close run with Michael Lind's in my book of favorites.
Strauss, Hindemith: Horn Concertos
Dennis Brain is the greatest horn player to have ever been recorded. I am in awe every time I listen to him. My wife plays horn and got me started on Brain. Any recording with him playing will never let anyone down.
Tubby the Tuba
Tommy Johnson plays the part of Tubby while the Manhattan Transfer sings the story. Tommy Johnson was one of Gene Pokorny's primary influences, and if you listen closely it is very obvious. Lotsa personality in this one.
Arnold Jacobs: Song and Wind
The ultimite guide to the philosophies of Mr. Jacobs. Brian Frederickson worked with the master to produce this well researched documentary on many of the ideas which revolutionized musicmaking for wind musicians.
The Tuba Source Book
Several years in the making, this book answers just about every tuba or euphonium related question you have ever asked from history to auditions to music. It should be called the Tuba Encyclopedia.
Arnold Jacobs the Legacy of a Master
A Collection of personal and pedagogical recollections of 31 of his colleagues students and friends compiled by M. Dee Stewart. For many years this was the only book in print which could help to expose the masses to Arnold Jacobs teachings.
Program Notes for the Solo Tuba
The first part consists of 88 articles describing important compositions written for solo tuba, as well as some accompanied pieces. In many cases, the notes are written by the composers. Entries include publication data, a history of the piece, instrumentation and movements, and a description of the musical structure and characteristics. The second part profiles five deceased composers of tuba solos.
First Lady Of Song
This 3 cd box set of Ella Fitzgerald contains the greatest vocal I have ever heard. It is no wonder she is called the First Lady of Song. You have not lived until you have heard this one. WOW!!!!

Adagio from Limpid Stream - Shostakovich
Roger Bobo - Tuba Libera
Blue Bells of Scotland - Pryor
Tuba Tracks / Gene Pokorny
Capriccio for Solo Tuba - Penderecki
Daniel in the Lion's Den / Daniel Perantoni
Roger Bobo - Tuba Libera
Carnival of Venice - Arban
Daniel in the Lion's Den / Daniel Perantoni
Roger Bobo - Tuba Libera
Concerto for Euphonium - Horovitz
Concerto / Parkes, Black Dyke Mills Band
Concerto for Tuba and Band - Gregson
Concertos for Brass/Newsome, Besses O' th' Barn Brass Band
Morthenson, Dahl, Gregson, Kueris / Stockholm Symphonic Wind
Concerto for Tuba in F minor - Vaughan Williams
The English Tuba - Eugene Dowling
The Virtuoso Tuba / Michael Lind
Vaughan Williams: Complete Concertos / Thompson,London SO
Vaughan Williams: Symphony No 5, Portraits / Previn, LSO
Vaughan Williams, Symphony No 6 etc / Thomson, London SO
Effie Suite - Alec Wilder
Bobissimo! The Best of Roger Bobo
Encounters II - William Kraft
Bobissimo! The Best of Roger Bobo
Tuba - Hindemith / Baaddsvik, Sivelov, Swedish Brass
Four Serious Songs - Brahms
The Romantic Tuba / Floyd Cooley
Introduction and Dance - Barat
Bobissimo! The Best of Roger Bobo
Landscape - Lundquist
The Virtuoso Tuba / Michael Lind
Miniatures(3) for Tuba and Piano - Plog
Daniel in the Lion's Den / Daniel Perantoni
Roger Bobo - Tuba Libera
Sonate for Bass Tuba - Hindemith
Bobissimo! The Best of Roger Bobo
Glen Gould Edition: Hindemith Sonates for Brass & Piano
Hindemith: Chamber Music
Hindemith: Sonates for Brass Instruments and Piano
Hindemith: Sonates for Winds and Piano Vol 2
Low Blows - John Turk Plays the Tuba
Tuba - Hindemith / Baaddsvik, Sivelov, Swedish Brass
Vox Temporis - Hindemith: Brass Sonates / de Rudder, et al
Sonate for Flute and Harpsichord in Eb major - Bach
The Romantic Tuba / Floyd Colley
Sonate for Tuba and Piano - Trygve Madsen
Roger Bobo - Tuba Libera
Tuba - Hindemith / Baaddsvik, Sivelov, Swedish Brass
Sonatina for Tuba - Halsey Stevens
Changin Colors/Jim Self
Songs (2) - Spillman
Bobissimo! The Best of Roger Bobo
Studies(6) in English Folksong - Vaughan Williams
The English Tuba - Eugene Dowling
Tuba Tracks / Gene Pokorny
Tuba Buffo - Jacobsen
The Virtuoso Tuba / Michael Lind
Variations in Olden Style - Thomas Stevens
Roger Bobo - Tuba Libera
Vocalise - Rachmaninov
Daniel in the Lion's Den / Daniel Perantoni
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