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Posted by Rick Denney on October 01, 2001 at 11:03:52:

In Reply to: Re: Soundproofing - tips needed posted by Kyle on September 30, 2001 at 16:44:20:

These do nothing to soundproof a room. You have to distinguish between preventing sound transmission (soundproofing) and preventing sound reflection. The stuff you talk about will prevent reflection of higher frequencies, but will do nothing to prevent transmission through the wall. You run the risk of getting a dead-sounding room and still having complaints from the neighbors.

The offset stud wall is the best solution. Mechanical isolation of the inner and outer walls is the key to eliminated transmission. I would not use polystyrene for damping the two walls--it will transmit low frequencies. I would instead use somewhat compressed fiberglass insulation between the walls to damp the vibration of the air between the wall skins.

I would also suggest adding mass to the wall by using a double layer of drywall on the inside of the room, with one-inch squares of foam-rubber insulation behind the nail points. If you really want isolation, drill a half-inch hole in the drywall, fill with caulk, and then screw through the caulk with a fender washer under the screw and a foam washer behind the fender washer. Your wife will complain, however, and it's probably overkill.

Don't forget the doors. A double door, like a hotel suite door, with weatherstripping, is a good approach. With windows, put a second window inside the first, tilted one or two inches out of square top to bottom. That's how radio and TV studios do it.

But don't coat the inside with absorbing materials like carpet and egg-crate. You want a room that is live on the inside (so you can hear yourself), but that doesn't transmit sound through the walls.

If you are not up for all this and if you have money, you can get a Wenger pre-fabricated practice room. Expect to pay more than the cost of renting practice space, however.

I've never attempted to address the floor issue, but hopefully there's an easier solution than the tires offered (in jest, I'm sure) by Steve.

Rick "who has designed but not yet built a basement practice room" Denney

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