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Posted by Rick Denney on October 01, 2001 at 17:09:12:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Soundproofing - tips needed posted by Jim Andrada on October 01, 2001 at 16:41:00:

Sounds like Jim and I talked with the same guy, heh, heh.

But something I should have said earlier: You may not need complete isolation. The offset wall and damped double drywall design can be expected to lower listening levels by as much as 60 dB. That's a lot--enough to take the loudest playing down to a background hum. It may be that you don't need that much to achieve a workable compromise with your neighbors.

My neighbors across the street have not complained since I've been in the basement, even though the tuba playing comes through loud and clear outside the house. I know they still hear it, but I suppose they've decided that I've done all I'm going to do. The point is that you don't have to eliminate the sound, you only have to manage it down to levels that your neighbors are willing to tolerate, in combination with other arrangements such as avoiding late nights and early mornings, etc. So, another layer of drywall with a gap separated by foam on the walls and ceilings, plus a layered floor built up of polystyrene sheets an inch thick with a plywood floor on top of that, might take enough edge off the sound to control the problem. Ductwork is a problem, but how much of one depends on where the ducts go. Apartments usually have self-contained ductwork, meaning that it doesn't lead anywhere outside the apartment (except for the outdoors).

My interest in my own project is made much easier by 1.) it's a basement with a concrete floor and only various grubbing insects to be bothered on the other side of it, 2.) the basement is not yet finished out anyway, and 3.) the neighbors are no longer complaining. The motivation is 1.) my wife will someday declare the honeymoon over and the tuba sound will become an annoyance, and 2.) this will happen sooner rather than later if she starts popping out babies. I can justify it because future buyers will want the soundproofed "media room" in the basement, heh, heh.

Rick "who can easily hear three or four school-age musicians around the neighborhood" Denney

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