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Posted by Jay Bertolet on September 27, 2001 at 08:41:23:

In Reply to: guess the tuba posted by James on September 26, 2001 at 22:45:28:

Miraphone is a well respected, long time manufacturer of quality tubas. As others have posted, I don't particularly like them (for most tasks) but many really great players do. Some of those players who like and use Miraphone tubas have been very successful. As always, deciding if you like a particular brand of tuba has nothing to do with marketing (or even market success), you simply have to go out and try different horns and see for yourself. It's like saying that since there is more chocolate ice cream sold in the US than any other flavor, those who prefer vanilla maybe aren't as astute in their choice. Choosing the horn for you is STRICTLY a matter of PERSONAL TASTE. Nothing more. We might as well argue over the validity of having a favorite color.

What is tiring to me is argumentative posts that discredit people just for having a harmless, personal opinion. An example of this kind of personal attack would be saying that the reason I don't like a Miraphone tuba is because it doesn't play like a BAT, as if that were the primary quality of a tuba. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm pretty sure I know the difference when I'm holding a BAT and when I'm not. I sincerely hope others will not be tempted to avoid posting their opinions because of these types of argumentative posts. The free exchange of ideas here is extremely valuable, at least to me it is.

My opinion for what it's worth...

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