Making the switch from Euph to Tuba

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Posted by Jay on September 25, 2001 at 15:14:28:

A while back I posted a question about what do to keep my lips in shape, since I can't play all the time due to a substantial back injury, thanks for all the pointers and responses to that..

Now I have another question...I double on a Wilson 2590 DS and an older Martin tuba. I switch back and fourth from a Schilke 59(euph) to a Helleburg II. When I play on the Helleburg it seems soooo much easier (better tone, easier) to play than when I play on the Schilke. I know that I am using 2 different sets of muscles when I switch, but since I teach on Tuba and play on Euph I can't really do without either one.. DOes anyone have any ideas what "MIGHT" make it easier to switch back and fourth (other than practicing and building up the muscles, with my back I am doing good to buzz every other day)

Should I switch to a larger Euph MP or should I try another type? Should I just give up on doubling for now (rather not.. I dont want to start completely over when I do get to play without being in pain).

Thanks to all who offer some advice,

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