Eb or F?

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Posted by Beau on November 29, 1999 at 16:11:05:

I've been reading this BBS for several month's now and I haven't seen this subject in particular yet, so if I'm in error, my appologies.

I will probably never pursue an orchestal gig, so I'm very comfortable sticking with my beloved BBb that I use in a couple of community bands. But I've been curious...Do I experiment with a different key horn? And if I spend the $$, will it be an F or Eb? How do I decide and why? Why do F tubas frequently come with 5-6 valves when an Eb often has only 3? Have I been leading a sheltered BBb life? Should I already know these things? OK, guys and gals. Time to show off you knowledge (or opinions).

I have never been asked to play any music I couldn't play on my BBb, so if I DO spend the $$, presumably it will be a play toy. I suppose it could lead to something later, but you never know...

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