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Posted by ken k on May 18, 1999 at 08:15:32:

In Reply to: Re: Re: silver laquer Vs. brass laqer posted by D. Seebaugh on May 17, 1999 at 14:56:20:

Well the two players are very fine, one has a masters in music the other a doctorate in euph performace. The mouthpieces are different but similar in size. One uses a Denis wick the other a Bach 5, sorry I do not remember the exact sizes. To check out the difference one night at rehearsal they switched horns (not mouthpieces)and the difference was still noticable. Not as much admittedly since the player with the Denis Wick Mouthpiece was using a slightly larger mouthpice with a weight ring ( He plays the lacquered instrument normally). The silver horn still had a bit more edge or clarity in the articualtion. What I would consider a "brighter" sound. (I know that is a very abstract word.) Admittedly too, that could be caused by something else, but i still believe the Silver plating has a good deal to do with it. ken k

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