Selling that tuba, why...

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Posted by Josh Norris on March 29, 2001 at 20:22:40:

I think I might have given the wrong impression with my earlier post. Many of you seem to beleive that I'm burnt out right now. Well, quite honestly...I am. However I'm most burnt out with the the Ear Training and Theory classes that I'm taking. I've always been good at tuba, hence my desire to be a music major. Playing the tuba came natural, it had to. To make the all-state band on the Texas level without ever having private lessons, teaching myself everything that I knew going into college. Tuba is not the problem, but it is not something that I've EVER L-O-V-E-D practicing/perfecting. I'm the type of student who only practices when he has to. Now, the discouraging part to me, is the fact that I know I can actually succeed in a technical/business major, whereas I struggle as a music major. It's really discouraging to see the peers around me have no trouble identifying intervals. I just don't have the ear. I am, 20 years old, in DEBT, and generally unhappy. Tuba payments are breaking, the most logical thing to do is sell this horn. That money could be better served elsewhere. For instance, help paying for my tuition after I forfeit all my scholarship money by dropping music. Now, in 5-8 years, after I'm out of college making "great" money, a tuba MIGHT be a feasible expense, but is simply out of the question.

I do appreciate all of your concerns though, but beleive me, I've been contemplating this move for some time.

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