My New Hirsbrunner!!

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Posted by Nathan McCorkle on March 26, 2001 at 14:54:09:

Well, its not exactly new. I have joined the National Guard and play in the 147th Army Band in Mitchell, South Dakota. They issued me a 5 rotary valve, BBb Hirsbrunner. Is there any way for me to identify it and find out more about it? I'm especially interested in a chart for 5-valve fingerings. I own a 4 rotor St. Petersburg, but I need something to help with learning the extra valve. Also, any recommendations on a mouth piece. I play mostly in large symphonic band-type groups, but I also have an occasional small ensemble. Right now i play a Perantucci PT-72, which was recommended to me to help some of the range problems I had associated with braces.

I don't know if any of you are Robert W. Smith fans, but I just got back from playing in the South Dakota All-State Band Concert, conducted by Robert W. Smith this last weekend. WOW!!! Awesome composer. Awesome conductor. We played the Divine Comedy. very good time

I included a link to the pic of my St Petersburg Model N (left), and that new Hirsbrunner. The Petersburg is actually nickel, even though it looks brassy, and the Hirsbrunner is silver.


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