Re: FED UP!!!/Did I piss away my money?

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Posted by Randy Mac Iver on March 26, 2001 at 13:03:14:

In Reply to: FED UP!!!/Did I piss away my money? posted by griping on March 26, 2001 at 10:34:26:

Hey Dave,
I am guilty of sitting on my (butt) because when I practice my horn while surfing the net the mouthpiece matches up with my face better than when I sit on my head. The Brother Hood or personhood of Tuba players existed long before the Organization T.U.B.A. was ever thought of and you might want to find out the history of the Org before atributing the founding to the wrong person. The Commraderee of Tuba players like anything else will go on with or without an official group if you will. Not everyone who plays a Tuba or any instrument for that matter has the same passion you may have or the resources to do what you propose for that matter. I think that in my case that if Mr. Chisham were to tell us all that to keep this site going he would need donations from the people who used it I would most certainly pay my fair share (don't kill me on this one) and fair does not mean equal. People who use this site for the most part are paying a price when they post here by telling of past experience things that they have learned and questioning the ideas of others. This may not manifest itself in the form of cash to an Organization but in the actions of the people who post here by being respectful of fellow Humans and realizing that even the least experienced and smallest of egos can contribute and be heard just like the Masters of the field. Beside all that hoopla not everyone has the temperment to be a leader or knows how, so if you want to run for presedent of I.T.E.A. please do so but don't expect a vote just because you want to have a get together. If you feel you can effect change and have a plan then do so. I believe that Dennis ask for what people had on there mind so you get the good with the Bad and hopefully he or some one who cares will sift through the dirt and get to the root of the problem if there even is a problem. Thanks for having the guts to voice your opinion. I just did the same even though I maybe wrong.
Randy" I don't go for the anon. stuff at all but I understand and deal with it", Mac Iver

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