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Posted by Benjamin Schardt on June 30, 2003 at 11:42:06:

In Reply to: Re: isn't this is a good thing? Re: VPO posted by js on June 29, 2003 at 20:56:45:

The primary reason, I believe, that the cultural events and celebrations of these "non-Caucasians" can, and should, be held, sometimes with the exclusion of other groups, is that the cultural presence of minorities in a nation needs to be celebrated. Why not that of the majority? Due to the very nature of the demographics resulting from a populace with a distinct minority/majority makeup, the influence and culture of the majority group is inherently present throughout everyday life of the group. This country, as we know it, was built on a Euro-centric mold, rendering much of the culture and customs of European decent mundane, especially considering that they have been so watered-down, within this country, over the past few centuries.

I mean, how interesting is a line dance performed by a group of WASPs?

It's kinda too bad that there is an inherent stigmatism associated with a non-white joining a venerable institution, such as a symphony orchestra playing primarily European music, instead of an outright celebration. We, as musicians, should do nothing more than rejoice in the enhanced diversity of our field. It's much like what occurs in nature with herd and pack animals; if they don't interbreed with other groups, the genetic consistancy is eventually hopelessly inbred, resulting in poor health. The same seemed to be happening with the Euro-centric symphony orchestra untilt there was a tremendous influx of Asian talent into the field. I guess that I'm just saying that we should encourage the integration of other groups as well.

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