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Posted by Norm on June 28, 2003 at 01:17:04:

In Reply to: Tips for 30 year comeback posted by Jonathan Schwartz on June 27, 2003 at 21:16:18:

Congrats on your decision to start playing again. I made a similar decision three years ago and have been having fun ever since. I am far from being a pro but I do have opinions on where/how to start.
1. You made a great step by finding this group. The archives contain a great amount of information about equipment and techniques. Learn how to use the search function.
2. Get your hands on an instrument! Rentals might be difficult to find especially without paying an arm and a leg. Some bands have tubas of their own to loan/rent. Make contact with any other tuba players in your area. They might have a line on a tuba that is not being used that can get you started. The world wide auction site has some cheaper, playable tubas (be careful about this and ask questions of sellers).
3. Which instrument? One that is capable of making good sounds. I went with a BBb, three valve Conn 3/4 sized tuba to start. This got me playing with others, always learning what type of horn they play, what is good and what isn't. BBb or EEb tubas are always good for band music (as are others that are more expensive).
4. Find a mouthpiece. I had a Bach 18 four years before I had a tuba. This let me borrow horns from schools and others until I bought a tuba of my own. I read this BBS and learned about the versatility of a Conn Helleburg. That really got me started. Now I enjoy the search for the perfect mouthpiece.
5. Start playing with a group!! I started with Tuba Christmas until I found a band that needed a tuba. Now they have to put up with me regularly as well as other groups that allow me to play with them.
6. Make contacts!!! Tuba players seem to like to share information about the instrument of their affection. You do need to learn to cut through the BS some of us throw out.
7. Have fun!!!!!!!!!

Norm Miller

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