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Posted by George Palton on August 02, 2002 at 00:04:26:

In Reply to: Re: International Women's Brass Conference posted by Winton on July 31, 2002 at 17:00:07:

With all due respect, I read some of these follow-ups and fear it may dilute the noble purpose of this conference. This summer I happened to be standing in a very long line at an amusement park for a rollercoater in front of a mother and her son. After some talking with them I found out they once lived near where I do now, and went to a school where I did some teaching. The woman told me her children were in their school band, and that she had a daughter who was very enthusiastic about playing the tuba, but was not allowed to by her band director. The instructor chose to instead have a more "stalky" male student play instead. That being said, we must realize sterotypes still affect the tuba and euphonium world. Yes, there were several VERY talented female performers at ITEC, but the fact is the ratio is still very male dominated.
I have been fortunate to have several conversations with people about the purpose of the Women's Brass Conference. The purpose, as I see it (disclaimer) is to promote brass players not just because they are female, but because they are good brass musicians. It is also to show prospective and current musicians that not only are women capable of playing these instruments, but if they choose to, they may be able to make a sucsessful career out of it.
When somone sees the title "Women's Brass Conference" they should understand that it is not meant to create segregation, but to bring segregation down.

Just the opinion of one (another disclaimer) male tubist. Have a nice day.

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