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Posted by John on July 31, 2002 at 20:14:39:

Allright.. I've got some band excerpts to learn for an upcoming audition. I've been working on them diligently, but would like to verify tempi, etc.

1. Barnes 3rd Symph. The solo at 5, and mm222. Are these to be interpreted loosely, or strictly in time, with no variation in time or feel?

2. Vaughan williams, Hammersmith. Allargando before letter T. It's marked A Tempo, but I have no clue what the tempo is. Any help?

3. Mendelsson's fingal's Cave. What horn is this regularly played on? It's extemely difficult on a big CC tuba, and much easier and effecive on F tuba. Any opinions?

4. Finally, Oberon. This is a freaking bear! After getting past being able to read the somewhat illegible typeset, this excerpt is still very difficult. Any tricks to playing the low register stuff at metronome= 140? This is really really hard to double tounge, and I can't single tounge measures and measures of sixteenths at 140. Also.. is it acceptable to play the section on the top of the last page on F tuba? It's playable on CC, but in that register, it's better on F.

Is there anyone who's worked on these, and could share some tips, and info? Thiis is the first time I've worked up most of them, and it's slowly getting better every day.

Thanks in advance!


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