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Posted by Christian Klein on July 24, 2002 at 18:40:49:

In Reply to: 45 & 46 SLP posted by Thomas on July 24, 2002 at 14:24:07:

I've never played either, but the website says that the 46S-LP has the 5th and 6th rotor valves for the left hand and piston valves 1-4 for the right one. It makes no mention of having a half-tone trigger.

A half-tone trigger would be a trigger on the second valve slide. It would be useful on sharp 1,2 combinations, sharp 2,3 combinations (.. or any other note with the second valve down that might be sharp). I believe that Rudolf Meinl delivers a second valve trigger on most of their horns these days. It's a LOT more useful than moving the first valve slide IMHO.

A sixth valve is usually a flat half step (though the 5th and 6th valves are not standard by any means). This is useful in the lower register for better intonation. Valves 4 and 6 would be an in-tune alternate to the usually sharp 2 and 4 combination.

There is more tendency to 6 valve F tubas in Europe (sorry for the generalization) than in the United States.

It seems to me that German tuba players prefer a 6 rotor F tuba and that the 46S-LP is targeted at countries like France and Spain (where the website mentions are the countries where the first models were delivered). I would assume players in these countries prefer a six valve intrument but aren't opposed to piston valves (but this is merely an educated guess on my part).

There are obvious differences in the two pictures, some of the ferrules are in different places and the top and bottom bows are not the same. The valve slides are also arranged differently. Also, it says that the 46S-LP is always gold lacquered.

Christian Klein

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