NEW Conn CC Tuba

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Posted by Matt Walters on January 31, 2000 at 09:24:36:

Hello Joe S. and others interested in the Conn CC tuba.
Yes, it is the same as what was going to be a King. UMI is coming out with a new line of high end Conn products. The decision was to change the bracing and market the horn as a Conn since there was already a lot of expensive marketing in place for the Conns.
Now for the horn. It can be ordered in 18" or 20" bell flair. It is a squat horn about 1" taller than the Getzen G-50. It has a different bell flair with a larger bell throat than the old King BBb 2341.
The Conn 52J has a front action valve section of .687 bore (King 2341 tuba). 4th valve tubing is .734. Special internally flairing ferrules were designed for the job of matching to the .687 casing. That gives a consistent resistance to the horn regardless of which valve is down. The valve section and leadpipe and .750 5th valve rotor are all independently detachable. A repairman's dream. As for intonation, Conn has a great sounding horn that can be easily played perfectly in tune instead of a compromised horn that leaves a few notes that have to be lipped to be in tune. All the top pull slides were faster than any other new horn I have received. Imagine that. A new horn with pull slides that didn't need to be lapped in. The 18" bell 52J and 20" bell 56J can be ordered through your local UMI dealer. They are offering Satin Silver for the same price as polished lacquer on this horn.

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