Re: Exercises to work high range

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Posted by DS on December 27, 2003 at 15:18:23:

In Reply to: Exercises to work high range posted by Tracy Hooten on December 27, 2003 at 03:40:44:

Slow practice = fast progress.
Fast practice = slow progress.

Practice very slowly, probably slower than half tempo. This will help you avoid the "panic push" where you tense up for the high notes. Stay loose and keep your air moving.

You could also play each note short, loud, and followed by a couple beats rest. The goal of this exercise is like "target shooting." Try to pick off each pitch while achieving insant resonance and zip to the sound. In other words, turn a line of music into isolated musical events separated by space (using a metronome) to see if you can zero in on pitch.

Slur and Buzz to balance out this style of practice.

Good luck!

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