Exercises to work high range

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Posted by Tracy Hooten on December 27, 2003 at 03:40:44:

(Yea, sorry, I know it's over-asked, but I'm in need.)

I have All-State auditions coming up and all that's really holding me back is my high range. I have the Arban for tuba, but not much else (since the Arban's $50 ^_^), so I was curious if anyone could direct me to specific exercises which would make me slightly more comfy up there. Or even a link to a previous posting on the subject is just fine (is there a way to search all the archives at once, or do I have to look through each month each time?).

Also, is the high range more the embouchure or the lip strength? I've tried all sorts of things with my lips with my lessons teacher but I can't get a buzz when I have my lips as he says. lol, any magic tricks or fairy dust for this?

Thanks, ^_^

Tracy Hooten
HS Student

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