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Posted by js on December 26, 2003 at 13:02:08:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Ideas for an old man! posted by Carole Nowicke on December 26, 2003 at 10:39:35:

Yeah, I sell Weril tubas and I'm not going to make any statements about how well they withstand abuse...though

I believe any instrument with less than .001" tolerances in its machine parts - which are made of soft brass - is not designed to withstand much abuse.

King instruments are thought to be built pretty tough, but I'm telling you that my experiences tell me that of all of the 3/4-ish tubas, King 1140 end up with totally devastated bells and valve-sections-completely-off-the-bodies-and-mangled far more often that any other.

Decades ago, we never spoke of whether instruments withstood abuse, because it was not an issue. Today, most instruments are built as tough or tougher than instruments were built decades ago - but this should not be necessary.

The PROBLEM is NOT whether instruments TODAY are built to withstand abuse.

The PROBLEM TODAY is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY TRASHY parents who do not raise their children to behave, nor punish them when they do not behave.

The type of abuse that I regularly see today in regards to school-owned instruments would have been call for complete restitution - accompanied by suspension or expulsion - when I was in school.

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