Rudy Meinls and Willsons

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Posted by Keith S. on December 25, 2003 at 20:53:40:

Hey everyone, I am an aspiring college tubist and am looking to get my own 5/4 size CC tuba in the next couple of years. I have asked people about the Hirsbrunners and Perantuccis and the Miraphones, most of them are good orchestral horns, but not all. I have a question about the Rudy Meinl 5/4 RMC505S CC tuba and the Willson 3050S. I want to know what everyone thinks about these horns playing capabilities in a large ensemble setting, namely orchestra, how the intonation is usually, and also what type of sound do these horns have, the big "American" sound or the "German" sound, or even a mix between the two, huge but not aggressive. I am wanting to hear about and play one of these horns also b/c a lot of people already play the Hirs, PTs, and Miras.

Also, how does everyone feel about the Miraphone 188, good orchestral horn or not? Out of all the brands I want to have a horn than will have a presence, but more of a strong bottom holding the orchestra up type sound which provides great balance, rather than the aggressive hear me roar sound. The horn needs to be heard all the time but not overpowering during an f or ff situation. Also, not have the harmonics eaten up by the trombones, a nice bass for them to be supported by.

Thanks a lot,
Keith S.

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