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Posted by Klaus on January 01, 2002 at 14:52:54:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Better tuba tuning posted by Gus Pratt on January 01, 2002 at 13:58:43:

As for a "right" way for something to be played, such way does not exist. However there are traditions and schools, that have won more acclaim than others.

According to Chuck computer power is in plentiful supply, so it might be possible to synthesize these schools in their entirety. As well as in their most minor elements.

Lets says I wanted an orchestral effect consisting of these elements:

The strings of our own Royal Chapel as of 28 years ago. With David Oistrakh, Hillary Hahn, Pinchas Zukerman, and Jaqueline du Pre among the leaders. The bass leader should the guy from the BPO.

The VPO woodwinds.

The solo horn of the BSO as of 16 years ago.

The inner horns from the VPO.

As 4th horn the amazing black former player of the NYPO (I think he is in LA now). His rendition of the solo in Beethoven 9th/3rd movement with Bernstein in Berlin between Christmas and New Years eve back in 1989 is unforgetable. But his name sadly escapes me for now.

As trumpets Herseth and Ole Andersen (from our RSO)

On bones Denis Wick, my old teacher Svend Rasmussen (formerly in our RC), and Kleinhammer.

On tuba Fletch.

On timps a non-Berlin German player with a tendency to use sticks leaning to the harder side.

On perc players from Brazil and Cuba.

Conductor in residence: Toscanini with Bernstein and the younger Kleiber (Carlos?) as assistants

The artistries needed for such a synthesizing would be plentiful. But good samplings from live performances and from optimal recordings would be one of the points to stress.

As would the merging algoritms. How to make all elements work together without bereaving any of them their personalities?

Am I a dreamer? Hardly! I have just taken Chuck's claim on a ride along one of its potential tangents.

Am I guilty? Yes! In some overly obvious biases. In some biases not obvious at all. And in a very personal limitation of horizon. But then there hardly ever is any punishment for being normal in the standard non-standard way.


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