F Tuba Mouthpiece on a CC

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Posted by Big Steve on December 29, 2001 at 18:35:19:

I have some questions:

1) I'm looking for a mouthpiece that will help my upper register and brighten my tone for solos, concertos, etc. I play a Meinl Weston 2155 CC, and was wondering if I would get the results I want using a solo mouthpiece designed for an F Tuba, on my CC tuba (I would like to have an F, but I just can't afford another horn right now). I was listening to an old Arnold Jacobs masterclass a few months ago, and remember him doing the same (using an F mouthpiece on his CC). If it would help, what would be a good mouthpiece? Would the PT-60 be good?

2) This isn't really isn't about F tuba mouthpieces, but is true that funnel shaped mouthpieces work better on large horns and cup shaped work better on smaller horns? I think I remember hearing that on the same Arnold Jacobs masterclass.

Thanks to anyone who helps
-Big Steve

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