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Posted by Tony E on April 29, 2002 at 15:18:22:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Holton 6/4 in my living room..what to do posted by Jay Bertolet on April 29, 2002 at 13:14:28:

Hi Jay,

Thanks for posting. It's always great to hear "tuba lore", and it will be interesting to see what others might know about this story.

As long as I've got you on the thread, perhaps I could tap you for some input. Here's a few questions for you.

You indicate that a new run of Holtons would have to compete against "similar horns that have many additional years of R&D and, in many cases, don't have the serious intonation issues inherent in the 345 design".

Since I'm a BBb player, what horns, in your view, would that be?

I mentioned the big Gronitz in my original post, but so far, not a single person has chimed in and said "yes, that's the ticket for a great 6/4 BBb...and what a great price".

And, in most cases, I doubt the dealer/manufacturer will make it until I buy it. How do I know that what comes out of the factory has the magic and intonation? Any suggestions there?

Elsewhere on this thread, Joe S really seems to get what I'm struggling with. This Holton has a beautiful voice. However, a big, full, well projected voice (however colorful) isn't a good thing if it comes out 30 cents flat! Sure, Arnold Jacobs made one sound fantastic in various ensembles...but I'm not Arnold Jacobs. I can easily picture having an off day, where this horn kicks my ass all night long!! Will the required "gymnastics" be worth it, or eventually become a musical frustration/impediment?

I'm sure you've faced a similar choice at some point. What did you do?


Tony E

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