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Posted by Michael G. on April 27, 2002 at 21:59:25:

In Reply to: consider it from a different perspective posted by Mark McMahon on April 26, 2002 at 13:16:46:

You are correct in any organization should look carefuly when filling a position and in many corporations even pay big money to acquire the best candidate. However, consider this: You are a business owner (well say a bank) and you place an ad for a loan processor. There are 100 applicant, 40 of whom have prior experience as loan processors. Of those 40, 20 have extensive experience and 15 could walk in and perform the job to your exacting specifications at any given time. If this were a real business scenario, the bank would be in hog heaven. In realty, the bank would get about 15 applicants and maybe 2 of them would be fully qualified from the get go. More than likely, the bank would have to take the candidate least likely to be a total dufus and train them in most of the loan processing applications. Now lets go back to the BSO. How many tuba players at those auditions could play any piece in the repertiore with their eyes closed on any given day? Lots of them! In fact, the final dozen or so players could probably play every orchestral excerpt ever written. They could stand in front of the committee and give a 3 hour dissertation on all of the tuba works, how there part relates to the rest of the piece, which horn - mouthpiece - etc. would best suite the work to give it the most authentic performance based on the composer's intentions, blah-blah-blah. The BSO could take the final 10 or 20 candidates, flip a coin, and have a great tuba player that could perform the job at a higher level than most of the players on that committee. What in the world are they looking for? Who are they waiting for? Wouldn't it be great if they offered the job to someone and the candidate said, "nah! I don't think I could play with you guys. You'd drive me nuts!" and every candidate after that did the same thing.
It might wake them up. They don't realize how lucky they are. The BSO should come down from Olympus and take a hiring seminar from the "traditional and non-musical business world".

Mike "ain't go no feathers to russle" G.

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