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Posted by Matt Good on April 27, 2002 at 00:37:35:

In Reply to: consider it from a different perspective posted by Mark McMahon on April 26, 2002 at 13:16:46:

To help shed some light on this topic you must consider several other factors involved with the recent BSO audition.

First, the BSO management and the players are following the language in their contract to the letter. Language that pertains to auditions is very crucial in any master agreement. It clearly delineats how the committee can be choosen, who is eligible to serve, voting procedure and the role of the Music Director in the audition process. Audition procedure can not be changed for one particular situation as a grievance could be filed by a musician. This language is there to protect the musicians best interests even though this is not in the best interest of all the applicants for this position.

Secondly, Mr Schmitz retirement could have not come at a more difficult time. Seji is leaving this May and outside of a few Tanglewood engagements, he is through with the BSO. James Levine is only going to be in Boston for a few weeks next season and the same goes for the 2003-04 season. If there was a winner that would have been identified in the last audition, said winner would of had to go through a tenure process where Seji Ozawa, who would have hired him, would never hear this new tuba player perform one note in the BSO. Very unsettling ground to be on in your first year of work, IMO.

Last, Doug Yeo and company really would like to get this over with ASAP. Sitting through days of tuba auditions are painfull. Also remember that Mr. Yeo wants to find someone who he will spend the rest of his carreer with and he deserves only the best.

Yes, it is a sad state of affairs for all that have spent hundreds of dollars to participate in this audition. The next audition could be it! Good luck to all and whoever will have the biggest of shoes to fill.

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